Workshop on the latest innovations to reduce the energy consumption of buildings

//Workshop on the latest innovations to reduce the energy consumption of buildings

Workshop on the latest innovations to reduce the energy consumption of buildings

Methodologies for designing buildings, applications or advanced simulation tools are some of the new solutions that will be presented in Madrid on January the 24th

Madrid will host next 24th of January the workshop “Empowering cities: Innovative strategies for Smart buildings and citizens”, in which up to fifteen entities will show the new solutions they have developed in the fields of ICTs and energy efficiency, in order to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

Although these solutions share the same final goal, the way to achieve differs from one to another. From new methodologies for designing buildings to software applications or social videogames, the workshop will show the different strategies developed in R&D projects that aim to contribute to a lower consumption of buildings at every stage of their life cycle (construction, operation, maintenance, etc.), addressing both the building and its users and occupants.

Additionally, the event will promote the establishment of synergies between the key players of this sector, as well as the proposal of new R&D&I projects. To do so, representatives of the Centre for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) will present how the construction sector is organizing itself to face the upcoming 9th Framework Program of the European Commission, as well as funding opportunities in the next calls of the current Horizon 2020 program. Afterwards, several roundtables will take place, being focused in the different topics of these calls, where the participants will be able to share projects ideas.

The event is organized by the research center CIRCE, under the umbrella of two of the European projects that the center coordinates: NEED4B and TRIBE. The co-organizers of the event are the Cataluña Technical University, through the EnerGAware project, and the company Solintel, through the OrbEEt project.

The conference room is located in the Madrid Impact Hub building, and will start at 9:15 am.

Brief summary of the contents of the agenda

  • 09:30h Welcome and Introduction
  • 09:45h Innovative approaches and solutions for low energy buildings
  • 10:55h Coffee Break
  • 11:15h ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency in buildings
  • 12:45h Cocktail
  • 13:15h Towards the future.
  • 14:45h Summary and closure of the roundtables
  • 15:00h End of the workshop

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