The alpha version of the TRIBE videogame is getting closer and closer

//The alpha version of the TRIBE videogame is getting closer and closer

The alpha version of the TRIBE videogame is getting closer and closer

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The TRIBE project celebrated between 7th and 8th of September the 3rd General Assembly meeting, which was mainly focused in the development of the energy efficiency videogame. The event was hosted by The Interactive Institute and took place at its facilities, in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

The core topic of the meeting were the latest advances of the videogame, in order to exchange impressions and to promote the partners contributions, not only in their respective fields of knowledge but also as potential users.

Game development

First the simulation engine development was addressed. The measurement of energy parameters at the real buildings started some months ago and the virtual pilots energy modelling is ongoing. The first results have shown that the figures obtained through the simulation of the energy models of the virtual pilot buildings are accurate enough, with small deviations compared to the real data gathered from the pilot buildings in most of the cases.

The buildings, interiors and appliances models was also an important part of the meetings, as it is necessary to find a compromise regarding the actual representation of the buildings (level of detail, representative rooms/areas that shall be implemented, etc.). The objective is to have the most realistic 3D modelling of the pilots as possible.

Third, the avatars modelling was another point presented, showing the methodology of animation of avatars. In order to obtain fairly realistic movements for avatars, an open database from a university who tracked real people moving is being used.

Finally, partners were encouraged to contribute to all sub-tasks, such as the viewpoints within the pilots, unlock sequence rooms, the inventory of avatars, narrative components etc. and they had also the chance to test the first playable version of the videogame.

Scientific developments

Within the meetings there was also time to address the works undertaken in the framework of scientific activities. Among others, the respective work package leaders presented the current status of the “user behaviour change characterization”, the “measures and actions for energy efficiency” or the “ICT deployment for monitoring and control”.
To end the meetings, there was also a general overview of the project status, as well as of the management and financial activities.

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