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Paloma Bozman

The council of Zaragoza, through Municipal Society for Urban Regeneration and Building development, in Zaragoza (Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda S.L.U.) manages the municipal policy on housing and urban rehabilitation.

The purpose of Zaragoza- Vivienda S.L.U is to achieve greater efficiency related with the urban rehabilitation, the urbanization of the floor and promote social rent. Also takes special care off the refurbishment of deteriorated urban areas and in obtaining a reduction in selling prices of the buildings.

From 1989 until 1999, this help served over 4306 homes, with an investment of 7.4 billion Euros. From 2000 until last year, has acted on 10,746 homes and the investment amounts to 15.2 million Euros.

The Refurbishment and European and Innovative Area is in charge of the Promotion of Sustainability actions related with saving energy focusing on the general goal of improving the quality of life in the districts through different interventions with the inhabitants in the public space and in the buildings. We have obtained important energy savings in buildings by implementing active measures like renovations and also through the training of tenants including new technologies (ICT). We also promoted the installation of renewable energies in existing buildings.

Main tasks and responsibilities within TRIBE

Zaragoza Vivienda will participate through the intervention in our building and with our own workers like a living lab to prove and study the components and the tools that promote behavioral change in habits that have energy consequences.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

Zaragoza Vivienda participates in national and international projects.

At a National Level Zaragoza Vivienda joins in the Spanish Association of Municipalities and Region in the Housing Sector (AVS) that represents 130 companies in the public sector in Spain specialized in social housing. Through the figure of Juan Rubio, ZV is an active member in the Expert Group in the Construction and Refurbishment Sector in Spain National (GTR) whose reports are a reference analysis in the Building sector in Spain.

At an International Level, ZV is member of CECHODAS Housing Europe (European Federation of Public, Cooperative &Social Housing).