Pilot 2 – San Pablo public offices

/Pilot 2 – San Pablo public offices
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Location map & conditions (climate)

Location: Zaragoza – Spainzaragoza3

Continental climate:

  • Max temp: 31.5ºC
  • Min temp: 2.4ºC
  • Av humidity: 62%


Main Challenge

This building behaves poorly in winter and in summer due to the heating and cooling system. The system installed are individual and obsolete fan coils (heat and cool pumps) supported by a common cooling system and   a boiler. The working area has wide spaces with almost any walls plus some private offices producing as result that the heat and the cold air is not well distributed so workers end up by installing small electrical stoves in winter and turning really down (15-16ºC) the air conditioner in summer to try to obtain comfort temperatures.

The illumination is another aspect that needs to be improved: obsolete luminaires and lamps plus the inexistence of spectral distribution of the illumination, producing big consume and having most parts of the building either all illuminated or switched off.


Building type

  • Public offices
  • Size: 1,000.9 m2
  • Construction date: 2003

Building owner & users

Number of regular users: 38 people


Gender classification: 27 % Men 73% women


Average age: 45 years


Public Autothority: CIRCE Institute

Energy. Consumption

285.24 kWh PE/m2/y
Lighting: 56.74 kWh/m2/y
Heating: 55.92 kWh/m2/y
Cooling: 24.27 kWh/m2/y

Energy. Production

Natural gas boiler for heating