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General outcomes:
1. Systemic energy consumption and production and emissions reduction between 15% and 30%
2. Accelerate wide deployment of innovative ICT solutions for energy efficiency
3. Greater consumer understanding and engagement in energy efficiency

TRIBE project constitutes a robust and productive seed for ensuring an EU wide behaviour change towards energy efficiency. The achievement of TRIBE objectives allows to develop:

attractive game

(1) An attractive game able to engage public buildings users (regular and eventual), in a global behavioural change towards energy efficiency

TRIBE pack

(2) A TRIBE pack for public buildings owners and operators giving them the opportunity to implement the project solutions at their buildings, addressing their particular challenges.

Design for high replication and cost-effectiveness

There are about 1.300 regular users directly participating in TRIBE through the pilots. Additionally, 12.000 public building eventual users are involved in TRIBE’s pilots. This constitutes a perfect seedbed for TRIBE impacts to start growing, serving for the design and validation of the TRIBE final results before its deployment in the EU market.