TRIBE closes up sharing its activities with the European Commission and other project coordinators in the field of ICT for energy efficiency

The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) of the European Commission organized the “ICT for energy efficiency contractors meeting” which gathered the coordinators of projects related to this scientific field belonging to research centres, private companies and public administrations, and several project officers. The event, which took place in Brussels on the 27th [...]


Great exchange of opportunities, challenges and project ideas at TRIBE “Empowering Cities” conference

The project coordinator CIRCE, under the umbrella of the TRIBE and NEED4B projects, organized an international event last 24th of January in Madrid, to gather the latest innovations in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. Covering the whole life cycle of a building (design, construction, operation, user behavior, etc.), the goal of the conference [...]


Workshop on the latest innovations to reduce the energy consumption of buildings

Methodologies for designing buildings, applications or advanced simulation tools are some of the new solutions that will be presented in Madrid on January the 24th Madrid will host next 24th of January the workshop “Empowering cities: Innovative strategies for Smart buildings and citizens”, in which up to fifteen entities will show the new solutions they [...]


Over 150 students from Zaragoza learn about energy efficiency at two TRIBE’s workshops

“Why is energy efficiency important?”, “How can I save energy at home?” or “Do we really consume that much energy?”. These are some of the questions that TRIBE’s specialist had to answer during the two activities organized in Zaragoza to promote energy efficiency among students. The Spanish partners CIRCE and Zaragoza Vivienda, in close collaboration [...]


TRIBE, a videogame that teaches players good habits to save energy in public buildings

Switching off lights, controlling ventilation, acquiring more efficient electric devices and using renewable energy sources are just some of the 250+ measures that TRIBE players will learn to apply in their buildings to reduce energy consumption.   TRIBE is an educational videogame that encourages players to boost energy efficiency in buildings by influencing user behaviour.  [...]


TRIBE’s innovations on ICTs at the Smart City Expo World Congress

The city of Barcelona hosted a new edition of the Smart City World Congress, one of the largest events for smart cities projects in the context of urban development. More than 18.750 attendees, 675 exhibitors and 420 speakers are some of the key figures that describe the impact of this forum, which is supported by [...]


SWEDES attendants get to know the 250 energy efficiency measures integrated in TRIBE’s videogame

The 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – SDEWES Conference, was held in Dubrovnik by the beginning of October. The event is a worldwide reference among the international events dedicated to sustainability. SWEDES is dedicated to the improvement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies for increasing a [...]


TRIBE and experts from the United States discuss about energy behaviour during the BECC Conference in Sacramento

The Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference is an event focused on understanding individual and organizational behavior and decision-making related to energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and sustainability. On October 17th 2017, this forum celebrated its 11th edition, gathering in the city of Sacramento participants form universities, governmental organizations, NGOs and the private sector, mainly [...]


The Özyeğin University gives a speech about human-building interaction and gamification in HacknBreak 2017

HacknBreak is an open innovation camp held yearly in Turkey. This year’s edition, which took place in the City of İzmir, counted upon the participation of over 1000 attendants who gathered to discuss about how open innovation can improve the chances of success of the ideas developed, in order to reach the market properly. The [...]


Exchange of first impressions about the videogame at the 5th General Assembly

Graz, 14/06/2017 The TRIBE project has recently released the first public version of its social videogame, which will help public building users to improve their energy behavior in these facilities. Having accomplished this part of the project, the project partners celebrated the 5th General Assembly, hosted by the University of Graz (Austria) between 13th and [...]