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Location map & conditions (climate)

Location: Zaragoza – Spainzaragoza3

Continental climate:

  • Max temp: 31.5ºC
  • Min temp: 2.4ºC
  • Av humidity: 62%



Building type

  • Public school
  • Size: 6,599.64 m2
  • Construction date: 2007

Building owner & users

Number of regular users: 800 children and 78 staff


Average age: 33 years


Energy. Consumption

kWh /m2/y

Main Challenge

Azucarera’s building presents two main problems. The first one is due to the façade characteristics. The façade is made of aluminium and it suffers of overheating during summer time. It also is responsible of heterogeneity of the temperature distribution along the

building, which results in a decrease of the comfort levels and a

Improvements in the glass insulation concerning windows will be appropriate and assessed during the higher consumption on heating and air conditioning. The second problem that will be solved in the I.E.S. Azucarera is the high level of reflection on the screens caused by natural light coming through the windows. Due to this problem, lights must be on during the whole day increasing the consumption level of the building.project.

TRIBE targets

TRIBE’s project will obtain an improved regulation of the thermal energy while taking into account the characteristic load curve of a public school, which is determined by fixed schedules.