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Location map & conditions (climate)

Location: Zaragoza – Spainzaragoza3

Continental climate:

  • Max temp: 31.5ºC
  • Min temp: 2.4ºC
  • Av humidity: 62%



Building type

  • Public premises
  • Size: 1,400 m2
  • Construction date: 1992

Building owner & users

Number of regular users: 48 people


Gender classification: 57 % Men 43% women


Average age: 25 years


Public Autothority: Zaragoza Vivienda

Energy. Consumption

kWh PE/m2/y
Heating: 59.82 kWh/m2/y
Cooling: 20.52 kWh/m2/y

Domestic hot water

17.33 kWh/m2/y

Energy. Production

Two different models of individual 24 kW natural gas boilers for heating and domestic hot water production.

Main Challenge

Individual Natural gas boiler for heating. This building is in good state, average insulations. The destination of the users’ incomes is electricity and heating bills, so that it is important to distinguish between these consumes. Under the electrical bills there are illumination,

cooking, appliances and under the same gas bill, heating and hot water. In this sense, detailed information can help to the tenants to analyze their own habits and change behaviors.

Improvements in the glass insulation concerning windows will be appropriate and assessed during the project.

TRIBE targets

The installation of the TIC systems plus the changes of behavior will be of great help to be able to distinguish in the main expenses (electricity and gas) where the big consumes are.