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Location map & conditions (climate)

Location: Zaragoza – Spainzaragoza3

Continental climate:

  • Max temp: 31.5ºC
  • Min temp: 2.4ºC
  • Av humidity: 62%



Building type

  • Zero Emissions building dedicate to R+D+I activities, including laboratories and offices.
  • Size: 1,743 m2.
  • Construction date: 2010

Building owner & users

Number of regular users: 192 people


Gender classification: 61 % Men 39% women


Average age: 33 years


Public Autothority: CIRCE Institute

ICTs Installed

CIRCE building has implemented a modern lighting control based on occupancy detectors.

Energy. Consumption

Kwh PE/m2 per year
Heating: 27.71 kWh/m2
Lightning: 13.84 kWh/m2
Cooling: 4.34 kWh/m2

Energy. Production

kW wind turbine

Main Challenge

CIRCE’s building behaves poorly during summer time. When designed, it was expected to not require any air conditioning, basing its operation during summer on underfloor cooling and natural ventilation systems. Nevertheless, the thermal inertia of the building was underestimated and both cooling systems presented problems. From one side, the underfloor system caused ambient water condensations, supposing a safety problem. On the other, the natural ventilation system required from the building users to follow some protocols for windows, doors and roof skylight opening and closing, that employees did not follow adequately. In this situation, the installation of fan coil units was needed, as the temperature raised even 39ºC in the offices.

TRIBE targets

The installation of some ICT controls, relying on the existing monitoring system, together with a behavior change of the employees is expected to generate energy savings around 15%.