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Great exchange of opportunities, challenges and project ideas at TRIBE “Empowering Cities” conference

The project coordinator CIRCE, under the umbrella of the TRIBE and NEED4B projects, organized an international event last 24th of January in Madrid, to gather the latest innovations in the field of energy efficiency in [...]

Workshop on the latest innovations to reduce the energy consumption of buildings

Methodologies for designing buildings, applications or advanced simulation tools are some of the new solutions that will be presented in Madrid on January the 24th Madrid will host next 24th of January the workshop “Empowering [...]

Over 150 students from Zaragoza learn about energy efficiency at two TRIBE’s workshops

“Why is energy efficiency important?”, “How can I save energy at home?” or “Do we really consume that much energy?”. These are some of the questions that TRIBE’s specialist had to answer during the two [...]

TRIBE, a videogame that teaches players good habits to save energy in public buildings

Switching off lights, controlling ventilation, acquiring more efficient electric devices and using renewable energy sources are just some of the 250+ measures that TRIBE players will learn to apply in their buildings to reduce energy [...]

SWEDES attendants get to know the 250 energy efficiency measures integrated in TRIBE’s videogame

The 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – SDEWES Conference, was held in Dubrovnik by the beginning of October. The event is a worldwide reference among the international events dedicated [...]