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2.6.5 Installation of a Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

2.6.5 Installation of a Building Energy Management System (BEMS)


BEMS are computer-based systems that help to manage, control and monitor building technical services (HVAC, lighting etc.) and the energy consumption of devices used within the building. They provide the information and the tools that building managers need both to understand the energy usage of their buildings and to control and improve their buildings’ energy performance.


  • Increase energy efficiency

  • Energy savings between 5% and 40%

  • Improved environmental conditions

  • More efficient use of staff

  • Improve fire, security and other emergency procedures

  • Improve standards of plant/building performance

  • Improve the management of the building


  • It needs a skilled operator

  • It requires commitment at all levels throughout its operational life to maintain maximum effectiveness

Economic assessment

Higher initial costs for design and installation. Operation and maintenance costs might be higher compared to simpler management systems. However, the BEMS is also capable of reducing overall costs through improved energy efficiency and more efficient use of staff.

References and best practices

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Environment or playable world:

  • Residential

  • Academic

  • Offices

  • All

Carried out by:

  • Public building users

  • Owners

  • Operators

  • All

Reduce consumption of:

  • Heating

  • Cooling

  • DHW

  • Lighting

  • Electric devices

Type of driver:

  • Physical environmental

  • Contextual

  • Psychological

  • Physiological

  • Social

Time framework:

  • Short term
  • Long term

Type of measure:

  • Envelope
  • HVAC
  • DHW
  • Lighting
  • Electrical devices
  • Other
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