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2.6.11 Installation of an Energy Storage System (ESS)

2.6.11 Installation of an Energy Storage System (ESS)


ESS can actually store energy and use the stored energy whenever the need arises.


  • It compensates the intermittency of renewable energy, such as wind and solar
  • It helps grid system operators to maintain a constant frequency
  • It can be used for curtailment of electricity from renewable energy sources
  • It can be used to defer transmission and distribution network upgrades and investment


  • Energy lost in “round trip” inefficiencies
  • Additional cost and complexity
  • Additional infrastructure and space requirements

Economic assessment

It enables commercial and residential owners to cut energy costs. Electricity stored during off-peak time can be used during on-peak hours so that home/commercial owners can cut peak demand and electricity cost.

References and best practices

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Environment or playable world:

  • Residential

  • Academic

  • Offices

  • All

Carried out by:

  • Public building users

  • Owners

  • Operators

  • All

Reduce consumption of:

  • Heating

  • Cooling

  • DHW

  • Lighting

  • Electric devices

Type of driver:

  • Physical environmental

  • Contextual

  • Psychological

  • Physiological

  • Social

Time framework:

  • Short term
  • Long term

Type of measure:

  • Envelope
  • HVAC
  • DHW
  • Lighting
  • Electrical devices
  • Other
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