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2.2.17 Installation of a low temperature boiler

2.2.17 Installation of a low temperature boiler


The low-temperature boilers get a seasonal performance around 94%, which means about 20% of energy savings compared with a conventional boiler. They allow obtaining water at low temperature, between 35-40°C, with better results of efficiency than conventional, and without generating problems of corrosion.


  • Do not need traditional chimneys

  • Low temperature boilers are typically direct vent systems

  • Better performance and operation


  • Corrosion may occur because it produces an acidic condensate

  • Problems with clogged heat exchangers

  • Incompatibility of the boiler with the existing distribution system

  • Small heat exchanger volumes

Economic assessment

The most efficient boilers require a greater effort of investment (between 25-30% more). However it must be taken into account that the higher cost of a boiler of this type can be amortizable thanks to the potential energy savings to obtain, and the change of a boiler by other more efficient can also be financed.

Investment: 40-60€/kW.

Payback: high (between 8 and 10 years).

Maintenance costs for low-temperature boilers are typically much higher than with conventional equipment.

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